Django Site Admin Emails

There is a neat feature in default behavior of Django. If while rendering a view it throws an uncaught exception it emails all the sysadmins in it’s settings file. This simple little feature is great on several levels.

  1. Repeatedly getting emails about an issue with often enough information to diagnose and fix the problem means you’re less likely to put up with broken windows.
  2. When something goes wrong you’re much more likely to find out about it, as monitoring is often one of the last things to be done on a project.

So it is a warm and fuzzy safety net that reassures you with an empty inbox, I really like it when I come in on Monday morning and I don’t get a single email telling me something barfed over the weekend.

And as an added bonus Django has this wonderful philosophy about exposing the pixie dust it uses to do it’s magic. All it takes is a call to mail_admins():

mail_admins("Made a sale","We just sold a pony for $%d" % pony_price)

And you’re alerting everyone when something good happens. This is great with new low volume projects where every sale is a momentous event. Of course you can use this for alerting the team about errors as well. There is also mail_managers() so you can setup the non technicals to receive relevant alerts with the same amount of effort.

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