2013 Year in Review

A pretty landmark year was 2013.

April 6 first of all, as it was the day I got engaged to the spectacular Li atop the almost as spectacular Mt Sturgeon.

Taken atop the nearby Mt William

The other major change was I donned Lycra and took up the sport of cycling. This happened later in the year but I already attempted and completed a ride through the Strathbogie Ranges with Orica-GreenEDGE [GPS record of my ride]. I was majorly stuffed by the end of the ride I can tell you.

Some good friends got married, or engaged, or had babies, there is a lot of that going around at the moment so I don’t think I’m alone in thinking is was a pretty big year.

Some Stats/Favourites/Lists

  • Favourite Book: Leviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey
  • Books read: 24
  • Favourite Movie: I don’t know! Need to use Goodfilms more.
  • Favourite TV: Game of Thrones, Modern Family, Almost Human.
  • Kilometres cycled: 1,100.2 km (4 months of owning a bicycle)
  • Online courses started: 2
  • Online courses finished: 0
  • Conferences attended: 2 (PyconAU and Yow! Melbourne)
  • Conferences talked at: 0
  • New programming languages learned: 0
  • Favourite programming library: Angularjs
  • Girls of my dreams got engaged to: 1

So 2014?

Well the obvious one that will be dominating the first half of the year is getting married in April and then honeymooning in North Africa and Europe. That will likely consume the first four months of the year.

Beyond that I have some aspirations:

  • Read more books: 26
  • Talk at a conference: PyconAU?
  • Properly learn a pure functional language: Scala? Closure? Haskell? I will leave the term properly vague.
  • Complete a couple of online courses.
  • Finish one of my hobby programming projects.
  • Blog once a week.

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